Thursday, October 22, 2009

5-A-Week Features! Week 5

Time marches right along. We're already on week 5 of the 5-A-Week Features.
As I was looking through my list of shops with 30 or less items, I came across a couple of male-aimed items, so I thought I'd make this feature have a sort of masculine theme. Let me know what you think. (ETSIANS! Make more guy stuff, dammit! It's too far and few between. >:p )

1. - 10 sales
This shop sports some creative jewelry, including beer label jewelry, such as the bracelet featured here!

2. - 23 sales
Fantastic paintings, mostly slightly-abstract portraits. All of them display immense emotion. Beautiful!

3. - 0 sales
This shop only has 4 items currently, but all of them are some great mixes with hilarious names and captions (I had trouble deciding on a feature between this one pictured below, or the "Better Than Sex" chocolate brownies :D). Great for gifts, and easy to cook, from what I understand. I think we can expect to see more great things in this shop later.

4. - 27 sales
This is a spa set designed especially for men. Let's face it. Most men are hard on their skin and body whether at work or at play, so shouldn't they deserve a spa treatment too? There's lots of bath lovelies for the ladies at this shop too, of course.
This classic knitted beanie comes in many other colors. They're quality made, perfect for snowy outdoor activities.
Okay, now for last week's 5. Unfortunately, we only had 1 sale last week. :/ But hey, it's better than nothing! Hang in there, and we'll keep on promoting. :)
1. - 21 sales last week, 22 sales this week.
2. - 11 sales last week, 11 sales this week.
3. - 24 sales last week, 24 sales this week.
4. - 13 sales last week, 13 sales this week.
5. - 8 sales last week, 8 sales this week.
As always, good luck to you all! We'll check in next week!


2 Virgos Designs said...

thank you for featuring my shop and my Black Knight of Avalon Spa Set on your blog!

jinx1764 said...

2 virgos has great products!!!! Love her soy tarts! See my blog for a review of them.

WindandRain said...

Thanks for the feedback. And you are quite welcome, 2Virgos.