Saturday, May 23, 2009


Bylen is trying her hand at making bonsais. Here's her very first works. Not a bad start, I think.


Japanese maples:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wildflowers, etc.

Another day of fun with the digital camera. And more fun shots to entertain you.

Abbie, one of the neighbor's pups I've been dogsitting this past week (sleepy):

A common (wild) strawberry (nothing fancy, I just liked this shot):

A big yellow coreopsis (we have a nice field of them this year):

False Solomon's Seal:

Fleabane (pretty common, but I love it so!):


Honeysuckle (aren't they pretty things?):

A huge old pine tree in our pasture. Anyone know what kind of pine this is? I've heard it's a Loblolly, but it looks like no Loblolly pine I've seen. I thought it might be a black pine. Any ideas are definitely welcomed, as I'd love to have more of these!

Big mountains, bigger sky:

A pair of mushrooms in the front yard:

Nodding(?) thistles:

Ox-eye daisy:
Queen Anne's Lace (aka Wild Carrot):

Red Trumpet Vine (?):

Incoming storm clouds that, fortunately, held off until our picture taking escapade was done:

Sweet Hedge:

Wild Garlic: