Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi there folks! Etsy's rolling right along, and do I have news for you! A fellow Etsian is having a giveaway on her decadent handmade caramel apples and other lucious treats. You can find the link here. It ends on Feb 2nd, so go have a look-see. While you're at it, visit her etsy shop.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So. 3 sales on chopsticks. So far, so good.
Don't forget, if there's anyone actually reading this, you can see my work at .
I have a whole new box of 200 different washi on the way and I cannot wait.

The pendants are doing pitifully, and rightfully so. Dominos are great for pendant-making, but they're so small, and those that are posted are far from my best work. I can do better, I'm sure of it... Maybe I'll try washi on them as well. Sales seem to of slacked off a bit on Etsy for folks, and I'm betting the current economy has something to do with it. Often times, such novelties as handmade decorative goods are the first items to be checked off someone's list when tightening the proverbial belt. At least the chopsticks are pretty AND useful.. That's a plus.

My darling Jesse gave me the idea to create decorative spoon rests, and I may just do that. I'm unsure what medium to use as of now, but I would like to incorporate some vintage watercolor into it as I did with the "spoon pendants".