Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

I'm sitting here with only the light by my monitor. It's 8:40 pm, and we're 10 minutes into Earth Hour in my part of the world. It's a great movement, I think, and for an even greater cause. How simple is it to flip a switch to be a part of something great, to potentially make a difference?

Funny thing, really. I only found out about this myself just an hour ago when I was in the good ol' Etsy '5 minute FS' game room. How did you find out about it? Comment and let me know.

Don't know what Earth Hour is? Well, glad I'm not the only one in the dark today, no pun intended. Here's the site, check it out and read for yourself.

Stick it to 'em!

I got my business cards today. Yay! It's incredible.. I never thought I would ever actually need business cards, but here they are. To accompany my cards that I place on bulletin boards, I've made a few decorative pushpins.

So listen up, locals! If you're out and about and see a fancy pushpin on my card (if someone else hasn't stolen it yet), you're more than welcome to take it, just please take the card along with it! Haha.
(By the way, Hancevillians and Cullmanites... I need suggestions. Where do YOU go to look for posted bulletins of interest? Recommendations are appreciated.)

A few samples! :

Friday, March 27, 2009

No news is... sometimes better than the alternative.

Well, you know that beloved little clay pendant I made, the three-dimensional bird's nest? (See the picture below, the one on the far right.) Yeah, my new puppy wasn't as fond of it as I was, and I came home to find it in a hundred little pieces one day. Ah well, it's a good thing I love little miss Ruby more than that pendant, 'eh? :D

I've begun making chopstick rests using oblong marbles for my current chopsticks. It's rather fun trying different painting techniques to get them to match the washi on the sticks, and boy has it been a learning experience.

11 sales so far now, not bad. Interestingly, I've only recieved 4 user feedbacks, so I'm not sure what to think. I have to keep in mind, though, that some new buyers aren't aware that Etsy has a feedback option. And apparently so far everyone's happy, as I've had no nasty little messages waiting for me yet. :)