Thursday, October 15, 2009

5-A-Week Features! Week 4

It's that time again! Wow, you know, Thursday comes sooner than one thinks.
Anyway! Here's this week's 5 featured Etsy shops:

1. - 21 sales
This shop has richly colorful paintings with a natural theme.

2. - 11 sales
This shop has some very cute handmade cards.

3. - 24 sales
This fellow paints Rock n' Roll folk art on plywood. Very fine work!

4. - 13 sales
There's some lovely jewelry in this shop, from colorful to elegant.

5. - 8 sales
This shop has beautiful aluminum and fabric pendants. They look like stained glass.

Okay, let's compare sales of last week's features!
1. - 11 sales last week, 16 sales this week.
2. - 18 sales last week, 25 sales this week.
3. - 20 sales last week, 20 sales this week.
4. - 3 sales last week, 3 sales this week.
5. - 4 sales last week, 5 sales this week.

Thanks for looking! As always, if you have a 5-a-week feature suggestion, email me at, or convo me on etsy at The requirements are:
*Must have 30 or fewer items.
* Much have 4 or more item listings.
*Can not be your own shop! (Get someone else to suggest you if you like. ;) )

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gigi goods said...

Very cool shops. Thanks for sharing!