Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A very small mushroom. (To get an idea of how small this thing is, look at the moss around it. The mushroom itself is about an inch tall.):

A tiny frog (Sorry for the blur. I'm still no expert at taking shots at night, especially of moving objects. :) This little guy is literally under an inch long, and I'm not sure what kind he is.):

Our latest creations in bonsais:

Wild Bergamot:

Trumpet Creeper:

Sandwort? ( There's a broken bottle in the first shot. Littering's not nice. :-( ):

Rosemary (the "mother plant" from which I start all my new plants):

Red Clover:

Prickly Pear:

Oak-Leaf Hydrangea:
Praying mantis. Curious little fellow, and cute too:

More pictures!


Lemon Bee Balm:

Indian Pink:

Hairy Ruellia:

Dog rose:


Butterfly weed:

Black-eyed Susan: