Thursday, October 1, 2009

5-a-Week Features! Week 2

Welcome back to 5-a-Week Features! Before we take a look at the current sales of last week's shop, here's this week's five, complete with sample photos this time!

1. - 14 sales currently
I adore the artwork in this shop. The drawings are so fun and free-spirited. Definitely check this one out.

2. - 2 sales currently
This shop has beautiful turned wood bowls and goblets. No two are alike!

3. - 1 sale currently
A cute little shop for cloth purses and change pouches. Great for the holidays.

4. - 28 sales currently
This shop features fantastic hemp jewelry with good use of color. Take a look!

5. - 2 sales currently
This shop has gorgeous ceramic pottery, as well as some very unique ceramic jewelry.

Now let's look at last week's shops, and compare their sales for the week!
1. had 27 sales last week, 28 this week.
2. had 27 sales last week, 28 this week.
3. had 16 sales last week, and 20 this week.
4. had 27 last week, and a whopping 51 this week! Nice!
5. had 0 sales last week, and 1 sale this week.
Congrats on your sales, and hang in there! I wish you all the best! :D
If you'd like to suggest a shop for my 5-a-Week Features, just convo me on etsy at, or send me an email at
The requirements are, again:
*Must have less than 30 sales
*Must have more than 4 items listed
*Can not be your own shop! :)


Rheea said...

Thank you for featuring my work! The 5-a-week idea is so cool. I'm following you to see how the other shops are progressing. I'm sure more sales will be coming in with exposure like this. Thank you again and good luck everyone! :)


Sandra Rosa said...

Thank you for featuring my work. It is very rewarding when these things happen, inspires me to create. I'm going to follow your blog. And I hope that the month of October is the beginning of many sales for all.

2 Virgos Designs said...

Great feature!

WindandRain said...

Thank you for allowing me to feature your beautiful shops! I hope sales pick up as well.

There's no better way to pass through the slow times than helping out your fellow Etsians.

Also, thank you for following my blog, Sandra. I wish all of you the very best. :)

L M Turned Art said...

Yes!!!! Thank you so much for choosing to feature us in your blog.... I enjoy watching the success other shops have had. We thank you again, Lana and Larry

Anonymous said...

Rain, I love your Ramblings! You ave put together a wonderful blog.