Thursday, September 24, 2009

5-a-Week Features!

Welcome (back)!
Each week, I'm going to feature 5 Etsy shops in my blog, along with how many sales they have at the time of listing. Next week, I'll post 5 new ones, and we'll compare sales amounts of last week's 5 sellers. Okay, so let's get started! This week's 5 are:

1. - 0 sales
Delicious-looking caramels!
2. - 16 sales
Lots of fantastic knits. I particularly love the cuffs.
3. - 27 sales
Vintage-inspired clothing, and beautiful chokers.
4. - 27 sales
Precious hand-carved figurines of dogs, bunnies, and others.
5. - 27 sales
Stunning wire and stone bonsais and pendants.

Do you have a recommendation for next week's 5 shops? Convo me at
Requirements: Must have 4 or more items listed, must have less than 30 sales, and CAN NOT be your own shop! :)


gigi goods said...

How fun!! I can't wait to check these shops out!

WindandRain said...

Thanks, gigi. :)
I'm sure the shop owners appreciate it, as do I.