Sunday, April 26, 2009

Etsy's best kept secrets?

Here's a few etsy artists with only a few or no sales. Such a shame really, considering they really have great work. They'll get their day though. We all do. It seemed like forever before I made over 5 sales.
I picked 5 of my favorites:
* by donnastruthers. These shell beads had me fooled from a distance. They're handmade from glass, and kiln fired. Well done.
* by AgapeGiftShoppe. A stunning dogwood bloom hair pin. This one is absolutely gorgeous, and sports a vintage jewelry center.
* by miraculousmosquito. A set of cute printable cards and envelopes for only $3.50. I love the pastel colors on these.
* by sweetlylovely. An upcycled pincushion in romantic pastel colors. I love the 'antique rose' feel to this entire shop. Beautiful stuff.
* by wisteriaprints. I love the variegation in this shot. This artist has many wonderful prints, it was hard to choose one for the blog.

Good luck to all five of you. I wish you all the best.


Miraculous Mosquito said...

Thanks for telling people about my printable cards on your blog! I only just found it :) Much appreciated. I have added heaps more items to my shop since I started. Nice to see your shop full of wonderful things. Keep up the good work.