Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to make your own "training" chopsticks

Also known as "cheater" chopsticks, training chopsticks are basically just to help folks get familiar with the use of them. They're more like training wheels, you could say. There are some for sale online made in all one piece, which is handy except for the fact that you don't have the option of not using the trainer.
  This simple set of instructions allows you to use your own chopsticks, and a couple of small items around your house, to make a quick set of training chopsticks. All you need are chopsticks (which I can help you out with, naturally. Just a suggestion. ^-^ ), a rubber band (the smaller the better), and a small piece of paper (one of those mini notebook pages or a post-it note works nicely). Got all that? Here we go!

Step 1.
Wrap your rubber band around the large end of a pair of chopsticks. Wrap it just tightly enough that it securely holds the two together, but not so tightly that it is a struggle to pull them apart. (In other words, don't make it harder on yourself!)

Step 2.
Fold your piece of scrap paper into a small rectangle (the smaller and fatter the better) and slide it up between the two chopsticks, just under the rubber band. This will force the two chopsticks apart, thus creating a "spring" effect.

Step 3.
Hold the chopsticks as you normally would (see the photo for a better idea) and press them together to hold food. Voila`! See? That was painless. (Unless you popped yourself with the rubber band. Ouch.)

Hope this helps! Have fun.