Sunday, December 13, 2009

5-a-Week Features! Week 6 (I'm back!)

Alright, so. Sorry about that unannounced abscence of the weekly features. I kind of got wrapped up in all life has to offer (or more like fire at me with a cannon.) Long story short, I'm back, and you'll see weekly features again. Believe it or not, I DID remember to write down the sales of the last featured sellers a week after they were posted. You'll see them at the end of the post, as always.
 Here's this week's 5 features! There's another theme this time: Simply Red!

1. - 8 sales
This shop sells some really awesome looking cards.

2. - 24 sales
Absolutely beautiful earrings and necklaces.

3. - 2 sales
Color-rich photography. Definitely some beautiful work in this shop.

4. - 12 sales
Gorgeous wreaths to adorn your door this holiday season.

5. - 28 sales
A wide variety of lovely items, such as hats and hair clips.

Alright, and now I'll show the sales for the week after I featured the last Etsians. (Though they've made quite a few sales since then.)
1. - First count: 22 sales, a week later: 24 sales.
2. - First count: 1 sale, a week later: 1 sale.
3. - First count: 8 sales, a week later: 10 sales.
4. - First count: 14 sales, a week later: 14 sales.
5. - First count: 21 sales, a week later: 21 sales.

Good luck to the featured sellers this week. Everyone pay them a visit and help them out! A tweet or two wouldn't hurt either. If you see something you like about a shop, spread the word! :)

(What is "5-a-Week Features"? - New to the blog? I feature 5 Etsians every week on my blog, occasionally with a specific theme (such as this week's "red" theme). I note their sales for this week, and then when I feature the next 5, I note the previous features' sales again to see if they have increased. Look back at previous blog posts to get a better understanding of this little game. Would you like to recommend a shop for me to feature? The shop must have: a) Less than 30 sales  b) more than 4 items listed  c) decent pictures (I'm not too picky, though.)

See you next week!