Friday, September 26, 2008

Death by knitting needles

Alright. So I learned something. I can NOT knit. I was able to get the yarn tied in place on the needles after much cursing and frustration, and from there it has only gone further downhill. I do believe that the book I purchased to learn knitting is rather horrible at explaining how to knit and it would probably be easier to actually -watch- someone do it instead. If anyone knows of a link with a good, clear set of instructions (maybe even with a video), please post it in the comments. I would so love to learn to knit!

In other news, I have been working on making more clay pendants to accompany my kumihimo ropes. These feature lovely "skinner blend" backgrounds, with natural, earthy settings. (I think I will post a lesson on how to make skinner blends at a later time; it's quite fun.) Unfortunately, I find myself not willing to part with my best one (a 3D bird's nest design), as I've fallen in love with it myself! I'll be sure to post pictures here soon. Then again, I guess wearing your own work is one of the finest ways to advertise, right? "Oh, what a pretty necklace!" "Why thank you. I made it myself. Here's my card."

...Well, maybe...